Garage Door Cable Repair in Newark & Columbus

Property owners often open and close garage doors multiple times in one day. This means it’s possible that high-tension parts like cables will deteriorate if you go too long before a tuneup. However, it takes an experienced professional to make adjustments in this area for safety, stability and efficiency.

If you’re experiencing a sudden garage door issue, a torsion, extension or safety cable may be the source of the problem. Reach out to your local experts at Central Ohio Garage Door in Newark and Columbus to have your garage door cables repaired or replaced. We’ll take a look at your garage door and determine the best method for a repair.

The Purpose of Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables work in tandem with rollers, tracks and springs. You can find garage door cables directly above panels or running near horizontal brackets close to the automatic opener. The point in having cables within your setup is to alleviate stress on metal components by supporting the weight of the door when it opens and closes.

Note that malfunctioning garage door cables are a serious safety concern. If a spring breaks or rollers come out of the grooves in the track, cables stop the garage door from crashing down on family members, cars and personal belongings.

Signs of a Broken Garage Door Cable

There are several telltale signs that you need to replace your garage door cables. The key to preventing further damage to nearby parts is to act immediately before a complete system shutdown occurs. If any of the following warning signs apply to your setup, have one of our technicians take a closer look at your assembly:

  • Cables are fraying
  • Cables detach from side brackets
  • There is noticeable rust on cables
  • Select cable sections are thinner than others
  • Cables shake when opening and closing
  • Bottom panels are uneven after closing
  • Your opener jams frequently

Cable Replacements for All Garage Door Styles

Think you have a broken garage door cable in Newark or Columbus? Have a technician from Central Ohio Garage Door visit your residential or commercial space for an inspection. We have the replacement cables you need for industry-leading garage door brands like Clopay®.

Types of Garage Door Cables We Service

There are three main types of garage door cables we repair near Newark and Columbus. Learn more about your setup by reviewing the following information:

  1. Torsion cables: Torsion assemblies feature small drums above garage door panels. We make sure your cables wind correctly for opening and closing without putting additional stress on the springs.
  2. Extension cables: These cables lift and close your garage door via pulleys positioned near the automatic opener. Central Ohio Garage Door aligns replacement extension cables horizontally, leaving clearance for brackets and lighting.
  3. Safety cables: Safety cables prevent unwanted accidents by catching the door in case of extension spring failure. We can replace cables and springs at the same time for your safety.

Your Source for Garage Door Cable Repair in Ohio

Central Ohio Garage Door technicians are friendly and polite, and they offer you an unmatched customer experience. You can schedule your garage door cable repair or replacement within Newark or Columbus by completing a service request form online

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