Garage Door Hinge Repair in Newark & Columbus

Home and business owners must understand that garage door hardware serves an important role in how the garage door opens and closes. Most people are concerned about the condition of garage door hinges but fail to recognize that these components are more than just a cosmetic feature. You require durable garage door hinges to link panels together, attach rollers to the tracks and allow for steady movement each time you activate an automatic opener.

At Central Ohio Garage Door, we provide tailored solutions for common garage door problems. From missing screws to hinges with rust, we’re your source for timely garage door repair services in Newark, Columbus and nearby locations.

Assessing Garage Door Hinges

Residential and commercial garage doors have hinges located on the inner side of the panels. You can find these pieces throughout the back-side of the garage door as well as along the edges of your installation. Often times, garage door hinges call for specialized tools for adjustments and will encase rollers so that they stay in line with the track.

Property owners should not touch garage door hinges, but assessing their condition from a safe distance is recommended throughout the year. Whether you backed your car into the garage, the forecast brings freezing temperatures or it’s been months since your last tuneup, know that hinges can cause performance issues if they are broken or damaged.

Do I Have Broken Garage Door Hinges?

Garage door hinges provide numerous warning signs when they are in need of repair or replacement. Fortunately, Central Ohio Garage Door visits your property in Newark or Columbus to inspect your setup for safety and security purposes. Reach out to our experts immediately if you see or hear the following when using your garage door:

  • Gaps between panel sections
  • Crooked or bent hinges
  • Garage door struggling to move
  • Visible corrosion near the tracks
  • Missing hinges
  • Grinding sounds when using the opener
  • Space between the bottom panels when the door is shut

Garage Door Hinge Maintenance

Central Ohio Garage Door aims to save you money when possible. If your garage door hinges are structurally sound, we’ll take the correct course of action to restore them back to pristine condition. This might include updating screws, lubricating surfaces and tightening fasteners. We also provide replacement options for broken garage door hinges.

Completing Garage Door Hinge Replacements

Our garage door hinge replacement services in Newark and Columbus eliminate any guesswork throughout the installation process. We exceed your expectations for repairs by choosing upgraded hinges in an appropriate finish, gauge and shape for your applications. Our technicians service both residential and commercial setups following manufacturer guidelines and stamping numbers for placement.

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