Garage Door Spring Repair in Newark & Columbus

If you look at your garage door system, you’ll see a series of springs hiding near panels and tracks. There are hundreds of components that make up your garage door assembly, but few are as important as torsion and extension springs. These are the parts responsible for reducing the effects of gravity and keep the panels securely in place.

Central Ohio Garage Door is your premier source for garage door spring repair and replacement work in Newark and Columbus. From springs broken on garage doors to coils with rust and corrosion, we use our years of industry experience to draw up timely solutions for residential and commercial applications. Eliminate the guesswork of your broken or snapped garage door spring repair by reaching out to our team as soon as a garage door problem occurs.

Why Do Garage Doors Have Springs?

Fiberglass, steel, wood and aluminum garage doors can be heavy. Your automatic opener guides your installation from the open and closed positions, but springs, tracks, rollers and cables provide additional support. When lifting your garage door manually, torsion and extension springs reduce the weight of the door so that panels raise and lower with ease.

A set of strong garage door springs reduces stress on your opener and helps to prevent your assembly from slamming shut.

When to Schedule a Garage Door Spring Repair in Columbus

Deteriorating springs give off warning signs when they’re in need of replacement. Never attempt to perform a garage door spring repair without a professional, as these components carry high levels of tension. Instead, keep your eyes open for the following indicators you require the help of a Central Ohio Garage Door technician to repair your garage door springs in Columbus:

  • There are large spaces between coils.
  • Panels are unable to make contact with the ground.
  • The garage door opens slower than usual.
  • Panels seem heavier when lifting by hand.
  • Springs are missing.
  • You notice rust and corrosion.

Garage Door Spring Replacements Near Newark and Columbus

Experts at Central Ohio Garage Door conduct an inspection of your setup to determine the source of the issue. All of our technicians undergo detailed training to complete broken garage door spring maintenance and replacement jobs, and we swap out components in sets to promote even wear and tear. You can rest assured knowing that your service appointment concludes with your technician balancing the door, calibrating your opener and adjusting cables for optimum performance.

Types of Garage Door Springs We Service

Your residential or commercial garage door will have torsion or extension springs. Both spring types perform the same function, but the installation process differs between them. Review the information below to identify the springs in your setup:

  • Torsion springs: Torsion springs are positioned directly above garage door panels. These types of springs rely on torque for lifting the door and turn after activating the automatic opener.
  • Extension springs: Extension springs sit on the right and left sides of the garage door tracks. The devices extend in an outward direction and communicate with pulleys that are situated toward the back of your storage space.

Contact Central Ohio Garage Door for Newark and Columbus Garage Door Spring Repairs

Have your garage door springs seen better days? Trust Central Ohio Garage Door to identify and replace your broken extension or torsion garage door spring quickly. Request your service online or request a free estimate for our services!

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