Common Garage Door Issues

Common Garage Door Issues

problem with your photo eye sensors



Garage doors are an essential part of many Newark and Columbus, Ohio homes. You might use your garage door several times per day, putting plenty of wear and tear on it as the months and years go by. With too much wear, your trusted garage door could break down, bringing your morning or evening routine to a screeching halt. 

No homeowner wants to experience garage door issues. By watching for certain signs, you can find problems before they get any worse and save money by calling a professional for repairs. Learn more about garage door problems and when you should call a garage door repair technician. 

Common Garage Door Problems

Here are some of the most common garage door problems you might experience:

  • Your garage door won’t open: This may be a sign that your opener is malfunctioning. Make sure the opener is plugged in and receiving power. If it’s plugged in, check the breaker to see if you have to make any adjustments. If all is in order, you might need to lubricate some of the moving components of the opener. You may need a professional inspection in case there is a more serious issue within your opener. 
  • You hear loud noises: Loud noises are a telltale sign that your garage door is having difficulty opening and closing. Various pieces of hardware like nuts and bolts may have come loose, causing creaking and squeaking noises. You may also have damaged rollers, which can create a grinding sound as they roll through the tracks. Lubricating garage door tracks and hardware can help reduce the noise, but your garage door may need a full inspection to tighten and straighten everything up. 
  • You can see signs of damage: Visible damage is a sure sign that your garage door is in need of some care and maintenance. Holes and cracks in your wooden garage door could allow cold air, moisture and even insects into your garage. Dented metal garage doors may close unevenly or cause damage to the opening system. And if your metal garage door has rust, it could be at risk of more problems later on. Your best bet may be to get a new garage door if your current door is damaged. 
  • The weatherstripping has deteriorated: The weatherstripping attached to the bottom of your garage door helps keep water and cold drafts outside where they belong. Over time, it can become cracked and brittle and begin falling apart. Find a reliable garage door repair shop to get some quality weatherstripping that can replace your current one. You may need to take some measurements to make sure you get the right length to cover the bottom of your garage door. 
  • The garage door closes and then opens: If your garage door starts to close and then opens by itself, you could have a problem with your photo eye sensors. These sensors are part of a safety feature of your garage door that causes it to reverse its direction if something passes underneath. If the sensors are out of alignment or have something blocking the lenses, your garage door might think something is in its path and reverse its direction when you try to close it. 
  • There are gaps under the door when it closes: Gaps under your garage door could be the result of bad weatherstripping, but they could also reveal a more serious issue. Your garage door could be out of alignment, and this may only get worse if left unfixed. Your garage door’s limit settings can also be malfunctioning, making the garage door think it closed completely when it still has a few inches to go. 
  • You have a broken garage door remote: This may be one of the easiest problems to fix, but it’s important to mention it because it’s one of the most common reasons people have trouble with their garage doors. This could be as simple as replacing the batteries or getting a new remote to replace your broken one. 


How to Troubleshoot a Garage Door

Garage doors are complex pieces of machinery with large springs, cables and intricate components. There are a few actions you can take to keep your garage door running for years and even fix some minor issues before calling a professional. Here are some garage door troubleshooting tips:

  • Keep things lubricated: Proper lubrication goes a long way toward having a healthy, functioning garage door. Make sure you use lithium grease or silicone-based lubricant. WD-40 is good for cleaning rust, but it won’t do much good for lubricating your garage door components. Lubricate chains, springs, metal hinges and metal wheel bearings. Wipe away any excess to limit drips onto your car and garage floor. 
  • Test safety features: Test your garage door’s safety features every few months. This can give you peace of mind, especially if you have small children or pets. It can also help you know when your garage is developing problems. Pass your foot through the beam to test the photo eye sensor. If the door doesn’t reverse, try aligning the sensors and wiping the lenses with a soft cloth. 
  • Observe your garage door: Get into the habit of watching your garage door open and close from different angles. Inspect the cables and springs, listening for unusual sounds. This can help you get familiar with your garage door so you can spot malfunctions before they develop into costly issues. Noticing issues early in the process can save you a lot of money and aggravation. 

When to Call a Professional to Fix Your Garage Door

You can perform minor maintenance tasks yourself, but you should consider leaving the bigger issues to residential garage door service professionals. Garage doors are under a lot of tension from torsion springs, extension springs and lift cables. One wrong move can cause serious injury to you or someone nearby if you’re not careful. Plus, tinkering with your garage door could void your warranty, leaving you with more expensive repair costs than if you had left things to a pro. 

If your garage door is crooked or has dangling cables or broken springs, you should seek professional help. Garage door technicians have the training to fix these issues safely and professionally. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a repaired garage door without dealing with the risks of working on it yourself. You’ll also know they’re getting the job done right. Skip costly mistakes and let the professionals handle your garage door maintenance and issues. 


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