Garage Door Buying Guide

Garage Door Buying Guide

A new garage door can significantly transform your home’s appearance. The right garage door keeps your home secure, helps with insulation, enhances curb appeal and lasts for years. Upgrading your garage door lets you enjoy the benefits of a fresh, modern door and keeps you from constantly performing repairs. 

If you’re overwhelmed by getting a new garage door, check out our garage doors guide. We’ve got all the information to help you learnhow to choose a garage door. 

3 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Buying a garage door is a significant investment. You may not be ready to upgrade your existing door if it’s only a few years old, but if you want to improve your home, a new garage door may be a good place to start. If you’re on the fence, here are some reasons to consider replacing your garage door: 

1. Improve Efficiency

New, multilayer garage doors are incredibly energy-efficient, insulating your garage and preventing the heat and cold from traveling through the door. Insulation dramatically reduces your energy bill over time — the less air that escapes through your garage door, the easier it is for your HVAC system to keep your home at a consistent temperature. With a high-quality, energy-efficient garage door, you’ll save money and enjoy a more comfortable home. 

2. Increase Curb Appeal 

An updated garage door will bring new life to your home by elevating its exterior. A garage door replacement can make your whole house look younger and more sophisticated, especially if you use contrasting colors and unique accents. A garage door replacement also has one of the best returns on investment (ROIs) at 93.3%. You’ll enhance your home’s appearance and enjoy a boost in home value with a garage door update. 

3. Fix Wear and Tear

If your garage is approaching the end of its life or has experienced lots or wear and tear, a replacement is probably your best option. While investing in a new garage door is more expensive upfront, you’ll save money in the long run. New garage doors don’t need as many repairs as older garages, meaning you’ll save money on maintenance. If you’re spotting the tell-tale signs you need a garage door replacement, you should consider an upgrade. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door

Several factors will influence your garage door buying decision. The right garage door will meet all of your budget, style and insulation needs without sacrificing comfort. To buy a garage door, you’ll want to determine your preferences and options. Getting a clear idea of what you want will help you narrow your selection. Here are some of the factors you should consider when picking out your new garage door:


Door style will heavily influence the look of your home and garage. Try to choose a style that complements your home’s architecture and existing color. Whether you prefer modern, traditional or carriage house doors, the style you pick will impact your home’s look. 

When choosing a garage door style, consider colors, paneling and hardware. Sleek lines or elaborate hardware can give your door a new personality and transform your home into a cohesive piece. You can also think about how the door opens — does it slide up and down or open outwardly?


Your garage door needs to fit your existing garage structure. Garages often fit one or two vehicles — measure your garage door to find the best fit for your space. A standard single-car garage is around 7-8 feet tall and 8-9 feet wide, with double-car garage doors hitting about 16 feet wide. Getting the right size is crucial for a well-fitting, functional garage door. 


Garage door material affects the door’s price, durability, look and maintenance. Natural wood doors require much more upkeep than other materials, while steel garage doors are ultra-durable. Aluminum is a great, lightweight door option. Aluminum is also resistant to rust, which may be important if you live in a rainy area. Depending on the material you select, you can also get different paneling and window options, further elevating your garage door’s look. 


Adding a finish to your garage door can transform its look. Steel doors with an Ultra-Grain® finish mimic the luxurious look of natural wood without the upkeep. Bold colors can add a much-needed pop to your garage door without overwhelming your home. Make your door as matte or glossy as you want — your finish options are enormous. A finish is a great way to elevate a garaged door, especially if you want a higher-end look without the cost. A quality finish will protect your garage door and create a sophisticated look. 


There are multiple garage door insulation options to choose from. Homeowners looking to maximize their energy savings or prevent temperature loss in more extreme climates should select a multilayered, Intellicore® insulated door. Intellicore insulation expands to fill all the gaps between garage door layers, sealing your home against heat and cold loss as the outdoor temperatures change. The better your insulation, the more expensive your door will be. However, quality insulation keeps your door quiet and prevents insect intrusion and temperature changes in your garage. 


Budget is often a deciding factor for homeowners. Not spending enough money can leave you with a less durable and insulative door than you need. The garage door’s cost will increase depending on your finish, layers, material, style, hardware and more. The more insulation you need, the more expensive our door will be. If you’re living somewhere with more extreme temperatures, you’ll want to budget for a door with more layers and insulation to ensure your door holds up and keeps you comfortable. 


Choosing between DIY and professional installation can also affect your garage door choice. Some experienced homeowners feel confident installing lightweight doors on their own. However, most garage doors are heavy, and it’s often safer to let professionals perform the installation for you. While you’ll pay more for professional installation, you’ll keep yourself safe and ensure the installation is done correctly. 

How Central Ohio Garage Door Can Help

How Central Ohio Garage Door Can Help

As a full-service, family-owned and operated business, you can trust Central Ohio Garage Door to provide you with the best garage door services around. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, lasting garage doors to our customers, whatever their needs. Customer service is a top priority for our team — we’ll work with you to find a garage door that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations. If you’re interested in installing a top-of-the-line Clopay® garage doorcontact us to get started today.