Garage Door Maintenance Guide


As a homeowner, you might use your garage door several times a day, in all types of weather. Your garage door is likely the largest appliance of your home, exposed to the elements and subject to heavy use. These factors are bound to result in wear and tear, which can accumulate into larger issues if left untouched. You can save time and money by catching potential problems early, addressing them before they can worsen. 

To keep your garage door running smoothly, it’s important to plan regular preventive maintenance. Even if you have yet to see or hear any issues, preventative upkeep will ensure optimized performance and a longer life span. Learn all about preventive garage door maintenance below — why it’s important, how often to schedule it and what its primary benefits are, plus the best professional services. 

Garage Door Maintenance: Is It Important?

Garage door maintenance, especially preventive upkeep, is important for several reasons. Neglecting routine upkeep can cause small issues to become larger ones, which are more expensive and time-consuming to repair. You may even have to replace the entire garage door, which you should only have to do after a decade or longer. A failing garage door can lead to safety concerns and major inconveniences. For safety, convenience and monetary savings, you should keep up with routine garage door maintenance. 

Even if you have yet to notice any issues, taking proactive steps will ensure smooth operation. Preventing problems is better than repairing them after they’ve formed. Compare it to your yearly physical — you should go to the doctor at least once a year, with or without symptoms, to check your health. Annual visits matter because medical problems can go undetected in your everyday life. 

The same is true for your garage door — emerging issues can be silent and invisible. It’s best to catch them before they grow into larger concerns. 


How Often Should You Have Your Garage Door Serviced?

You should schedule preventive maintenance at least once a year, before the winter hits — and more often if you notice issues. You may want to plan biannual maintenance, once before winter and once before summer, for added assurance. If you live in an area with extreme seasonal weather, biannual checks are a good idea. Severe cold, heat or humidity can be taxing on any moving appliance. 

You’ll also want to schedule maintenance any time a concern arises. Here are some signs of potential issues to look out for — you need not be a garage door expert to recognize these symptoms. If you notice any of the following, you should plan a garage door checkup as soon as possible: 

  • Strange noises: Any grinding, scraping or screeching noises can indicate a track or hardware problem. A quiet garage door lends itself to a more pleasant experience. You may need to oil metal hardware, tighten screws or realign the track. Some of these tasks you can do on your own, but you might want to hire a professional for the best results. 
  • Uneven movement: Watch your door as it runs. Does it operate in one smooth motion, or does it jerk, getting stuck in places? If the latter is true, the door will need servicing. Smooth, even movements indicate proper function. Anything else might be a sign of an issue. 
  • Light shining through: Wait for the sun to set and stand outside your garage door. Turn the lights on in your garage. If you see any light shining through, air can escape as well. This problem can mean poor insulation, which drives up your heating and cooling bills. To fix this issue, replace the weatherstripping and any worn parts or panels. 
  • Water damage: Your garage door is exposed to the elements, which include rain, snow and humidity. These things can cause water damage. On wood doors, keep your eyes open for warping or peeling from water damage. On steel doors, look for rust spots. Water damage can be an eye-sore, but it can also lead to more serious issues over time. You may need a fresh coat of water-resistant sealant. 

Benefits of Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

Scheduling regular garage door maintenance is necessary for any homeowner. Proactive garage door care has many benefits for your safety, convenience and bank account. Some benefits of garage door maintenance include: 

  • A longer life span: With routine service, a garage door will last much longer. Small issues, which may go unnoticed, can become irreversible down the road, so it’s important to schedule upkeep whether you recognize any problems. 
  • Improved safety: Garage door issues can be dangerous. Doors are heavy, and the springs work under extreme tension. A faulty door may cause injury or leave your home vulnerable to intrusion. Preventive maintenance helps avoid unexpected issues, which means improved safety for your family. 
  • Convenience: Preventive maintenance keeps your door working, so you can dodge unfortunate situations. A door stuck open or closed can present a major inconvenience, if not a hazardous situation. You’ll have to wait for emergency maintenance service to arrive, which could take hours or days. In either case, you’ll be stuck either inside or outside the door. Preventive maintenance helps you avoid such predicaments. 
  • Money savings: While preventive maintenance is often inexpensive, extensive repairs and replacements are a different story. You can save a lot of money long term when you plan regular garage door maintenance. 
  • Energy efficiency: Improving your door’s insulation can reduce your energy bills and increase your energy efficiency. Reduced energy usage is better for both the environment and your wallet. 
  • Attractive appearance: Your garage door makes up a large part of your home’s facade. If it looks and operates like new, it’ll add to your home’s visual appeal. On the other hand, a rusting, sticking, screeching garage door can detract from your home’s beauty. Keep up with garage door maintenance for an attractive abode. 
  • Increased home value: A beautiful, working garage door contributes to your home’s curb appeal and can increase its resale value. To get maximum value from the real estate market, keep your garage door in top shape. 


Schedule Garage Door Maintenance With Central Ohio Garage Door

Keeping your garage door in the best possible shape is an important investment for any homeowner. You’ll need a knowledgeable, professional service to help you, which is exactly what we offer at Central Ohio Garage Door. We provide expert garage door maintenance and repair services. We’ll make sure your door is well-lubricated, tighten any loose screws and address any other emerging issues. Get in touch with us and request service to maintain your garage door’s longevity and appearance.

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