Steve M

I can’t describe what a great and honest company this is. I had ordered a new door from another company and paid them almost everything up front when the owner of that company decided to steal my money along with several other customers and skip town and basically disappear. I’d waited a month and after several messages to the other company I drive to the building and discovered that the guy I’d paid was gone and new tenets had moved in from another garage door business. Mind you they had no idea what the other company had did they just knew the building was available and wanted to work closer to home. I went inside and explained my situation and of course had a million questions they really couldn’t answer because not even one piece of paperwork was left behind when the guy left. I left a message and was contacted by the new tenets on the building and the owners of their company. I had no options and I was basically outta luck but they not only helped me with my garage door issue but they did it for the balance I’d owed the previous business!! Long story short they probably lost money on the door and the installation they did for me just to make it right. They absolutely didn’t have to but did. I’ll never suggest another company but them to anyone who’s looking to get work done. Great family, great communication and hopefully a long time staple of the community for years to come. I swear by them as doing great work but even more as people.